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"I've been a builder all my life; and now I want to help build a better Cambridge." - Gregg Moree
Mary And Leland Moree 
My Mother and Father
Mary (Sakey) And Leland Moree 
I was born in Cambridge, MA over 50 years ago on Mount Vernon Street, and grew up in North Cambridge. After attending the M. E. Fitzgerald School (now the Peabody School) and then Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School, I went to the North Bennet Street Trade School, in Boston's North End, for carpentry. 
I have been a proud Cantabrigian all my life!  
My mother was born in Boston, MA and my father was born in Florida.  

The Sakey family has a 100 year history in Cambridge. My uncle, Joe Sakey was the former director of the Cambridge Public Library and my mentor. He taught me that are only truly rich when you have given everything away and only truly noble when you serve others.
A civic and community activist and entrepreneur, he also served in the Army from 1943 through 1946, Mr. Sakey was involved in military combat throughout Germany, France, and the Netherlands.
In 1952, Mr. Sakey married Shirley Enman. They spent the following year in Trivandrum, India, where Mr. Sakey, appointed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, served as director of the United States Information Library for the State Department.
He also served as president of the New England Library Association.

 Joe Sakey
Joseph G. Sakey
My Uncle
 Beatrice and George Sakey
Beatrice and George Sakey  
My  grandparents, Beatrice and George Sakey, were proud Democrats and lived at 64 Mount Vernon St, in Cambridge for over 50 years. They founded and ran the "Montrose Spa" grocery store on Mass Ave in Cambridge.
They were in a group of people that opened the doors St. Mary's church on Inman St in Cambridge in 1928.
They raised five children and a "whole mess" of grandchildren.  

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